Embracing Room

A Three Day Pop-Up Experience

Starting March 15th

This experience is for you if you are feeling squished, squeezed and surrounded.

Maybe your calendar that is jam packed. You know you want more space to think, breath and chill.

Maybe life circumstances have you rocked and uncertain, but you know you want better and different.

Maybe things are going well. Work and family are all doing well....but yet and still you feel the pull for just a little bit more excitement or contribution.

Whatever it is that feels like it has inched out your calm and satisfaction isn't wrong or bad per se, but rather an indicator that it is time to self assess.

During the Embracing More Experience you will not only be self reflective but you will be given tools to help you quickly course correct taken over your life, a quick dose of self reflection, telling the truth to and about yourself and then the big ta-da the letting go can help ring about the clarity you crave, the discipline you desire and the uncovering of desires and dreams.

By letting go and making room you are ready to receive the abundance has surrounded you all along. This group is low stress, no pressure, a place where we can share as much or as little as you like. We are so glad to have you here